In 2015 the German half of Aurora began competing at the German Regional Finals under the name “Evolve”. This team then added two new members and began to expand and refine their knowledge and skills. This group performed well placing 2nd and continuing on to place 3rd at the National Finals.


Also in 2015 started the history of the team “Spectrum”, the Australian half of Aurora. After having won the South Australian State Finals as a cadet class team Spectrum competed again in 2017. One new member helped winning all but one award and becoming the Australian Development class champion.

Combining forces

Although having started at two completely different places at the world the two teams were challenged to become one international collaboration team in May 2017. The strong connection between both halves is represented through our team name. An “Aurora” is a phenomenon commonly know as the southern and northern lights which can be seen across Germany and Australia.

As the two types of Aurora are slightly different our interpretations, ideas and experiences are slightly different too so that we have a wider range of knowledge to use. This will help us to set our teams energy to explode onto the world stage in September 2017. All of us are very excited, motivated and glad to be able to present our results of hard work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The long-distance collaboration is ready to compete!

The competition

Formula 1 in Schools offers students the ability to gain new experiences concerning knowledge, activities and dealing with companies due to the multidisciplinary nature of the competition.


The competition is centred around the designing, manufacturing and testing of the 20cm-long race car. As a result, engineering such a car requires the highest precision of designing and testing to achieve the best results.


The Corporate Identity of our team is not only an essential when contacting businesses, but it creates a unified team and branding for us to be recognised by. This is just one of the many challenges faced by our graphic designers.


To manufacture our designs, we make use of industry-leading manufacturing technologies like 3D printing and CNC milling so we can make our computer design a reality. We also collaborate with manufacturing companies who can make parts to the highest standards.


As a result of competing at the highest level, we need to find sponsors to support our project. We developed a rigorous, efficient and effective marketing strategy to achieve this.

F1 in Schools has boosted my confidence and inspired me to pursue a career in Formula One.

Kyle Hutton, former participant

F1 in Schools isn't just simply a competition, it's a new way of thinking for students!

Konstantinos Alexopoulos, former participant

Through F1 in Schools you gain so many new skills, it's just breathtaking.

Tobias Fischer, former participant


Aurora is an international collaboration between Germany and Australia consisting of nine students aged between fifteen and eighteen. The team will be competing at the 2017 F1 In Schools World Finals in Kuala Lumpur.

James Gurney

Management & Design

James role is creating the teams brand image and graphics across the competition assets. As team manager he helps Tobias in organising events and keeping people on task.

Tobias Röspel


Tobias’ role on Aurora is to ensure the team is on track to complete our competition as- sets in time for the competition, aswell as managing the ‘behind the scenes’ of team organisation.

Uri Hauben


Uri's role on the team is to design and manufacture the cars which will race during the competition. Uri focusses on innovation while designing the team's cars to make sure the car will be as quick as possible on the track.

Arne Twer


Arne’s role on the team involves the design of the team race cars, and transferring the past knowledge and research to the design. It is important Arne and Uri work together to ensure the design is the best it can be.

Dylan Rankine

Industry Collaborations

Dylans role on the team is organising sponsors for the team and the collaborations that the team undertakes to grow our knowledge.

Yannic Leismann


Yannics role on the team is to design the teams graphics across all of our platforms. It is important James and Yannic work close together to ensure the teams brand is the best it can be.

Luke Battjes


Lukes role on the team is assiting Arne and Uri with the engineering of the car. Lukes previous knowldge of CAD software is important for the teams progress.

Patrick Alfsmann


Paticks role on the team is the managment of the team manufacturing. This includes material choice for the car, and ensuring we have the best manufactured product.

Thomas Lam


Thomas’ role on Aurora is managing the marketing of the team. This includes elements across the trade display and social media.

Our car

The world finals car will be released closer to the competition. Stay tuned!

Social Media

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